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Bich-Khe and James

He saw her laughing with her friends at one of those crazy European parties that their acquaintance would throw on a regular basis. A stylish German girl of Vietnamese background still in college and all alone. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. James as a proper British fella knew how to get his way around ladies.. but one thing he knew even better – he wanted to be with her. Years later they’d travel the world staying for months in Asian villages, checking out the sand on the pristine beaches of Brazil, Roatan, Mexico and making visits to their families in the UK and Deutschland… just to find each other falling deeper and deeper in love.

Samantha Lynn - Sp special. This is wonderful. There is a black and white shot,the 15th from the bottom, stunning.

last minute lover - Almost a perfect couple. :)

Bich-Khe - Thanks again Anastasia! You are such a creative soul. It was a fun photo shoot and I love the results!

Stefeni M. - Lovely photos and Emma too, so cute!!!

Yulia - Beautiful photos!! This is a very good-looking couple!

Come take my pics :))

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